What Is A Gamepad?

A gamepad is nothing but an external device that helps in controlling the system with just the functions and actions of a person’s hands, especially the fingers. It is also known as a joypad or a game controller. These pads mainly come in handy for the gamers who either play video games or any system or laptop enabled games.

Features of a gamepad

This gamepad displays a set of buttons that form the major part of the pad and these buttons are under the control of our right thumb. While the left thumb is busy managing and handling the direction controller. In the traditional gamepads, these directional controllers were in the form of buttons that enabled the gamer to move in all four directions while the modern day joy pads have analog sticks that enable the easy movement in all the directions.

Other additional buttons that make their use even better are the mode and select buttons that are either placed on the edges or in the center. The design is not specific and they differ from one gamepad to the other. It is just that the placement of the different buttons and controls should be at a comfortable position for the user to access when required when he is amidst a freaking game.

Red signal before buying a gamepad

Do not just go by what a gamepad promises to offer. Take a look at them before you look at your pockets for not all the gamepads are the same and not all of them will help you in connecting to the systems as expected by you. Gaming and games with systems are different for different people. For some, it is just a mode of relaxation while for some it is the zenith of their gaming performance. Be it anything, it is ultimately the ease, comfort, and satisfaction that are enjoyed by the player at the end of the game. And this is to be experienced for sure when he or she decides to use the gamepads for their interesting play.

But not all gamepads are flexible and adaptable. There are a few which work only for PC’s while a few that work only for laptops. So you have to be very careful in picking the right choice for your type of system. There are a few that work for both and these are believed to give the player the most ergonomic experience in his play.

Gamepads over mouse and keyboard

Gamepads are like any other recent inventions and these were absent in the ancient day’s systems. It was only the keyboards that were used widely for functioning with the systems. Now let’s see how these gamepads have easily overtaken the use of keyboards and even the ever-running mouse.

These pads easily move in all directions and you will have to just shake and tilt them to move right and left. They are very simple and easy to handle and it feels like the entire control of the game is in your hands. So replace your mouse pads with these gamepads and enjoy the ultimatum in gaming.