How Has VR Technology Changed Gaming

Technology and innovation are single-handedly responsible for changing the world we live in. It’s so dynamic that almost every day something comes along that will have a large-scale impact on how we do things. We, as a race, have come a long way since the wheel!

As technology gets more and more immersive, in the last few years virtual reality has emerged as the most first-hand experience a user can have. Gone are the days when concentration on a screen also factored in the environment around one. It’s time to cut everyone off, literally, and enjoy a film or a video or a game without having to tell someone to move away or to turn off a light that is falling directly on your screen. It’s time to make any media personal.

Virtual Reality And Gaming

In its earliest iterations, virtual reality was a large-scale experience, you sat on a chair whose hydraulics were tweaked to make you feel like you were also moving along with the roller coaster. Every single thing about the viewing experience was geared to make you feel like you were actually there. That being said, if you were seated next to someone smelly, it didn’t matter how much fun the ride was, you couldn’t enjoy it because of the ambience!

As of 2017, however, things have changed. Virtual reality experiences have shrunk in size from an entire theatre of effects to a single unit that offers an immersive experience to a single user at a time. The Modern Family episode where Phil plays a multi-player game on his VR headset best highlights this change in the virtual reality experience.

The Impact on Gaming

When we say gaming, there’s only one thing that comes to mind – a player hunched over a TV or computer screen completely oblivious to what’s going on but moving his/her fingers furiously trying to get the gold or navigating a city without incident. Since 2016, when the Oculus Rift headset was launched, gamers have been taken to the next realm of gaming.

It wasn’t all easy in the initial few months, however. A lot of users complained of motion sickness and a rather too scary moment with horror-based games. Once gamers were able to work around the motion sickness issue, their experience with gaming took on a whole new dimension.
Virtual reality headsets provide a user with a zero latency experience – this basically means there is no time elapsed from the game’s servers to the VR interface to the user. The response is instant – you don’t need to wait a split second to wait for your move to get captured. If you move, the game moves at the exact same time. This basically means that battle games and racing games can be enjoyed without having to put in too much of an effort. However, to avoid delay you will need a good gaming setup. Here are the best affordable gaming laptops at the moment.

Since the experience is so first-hand, you don’t have to worry about the fact that a screen is somehow taking away from the game itself. It’s a 360-degree experience and everything will seem very realistic in terms of dimensions and proportions.

As the virtual reality technology improves on itself, so will the quality of the games being offered that are supported on this platform. IF you’re an avid gamer, this is your time!