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The DragonBox Pyra is an upcoming Linux-based Handheld Computer with Gaming Controls and a Full Keyboard, and it is planned to be a successor of the Open Pandora. It was first shown as a very early prototype at the FOSDEM 2014 in Brussels. Its release date is unknown at this stage, while end 2015 is assumed to be a reasonable estimation. Here is a render below of the current case prototype (April 2014) :


  • SOC will be a TI OMAP5432. 2x Cortex A15 (up to 1.7Ghz each), 2x Cortex M4 CPU, PowerVR SGX544-MP2, Vivante GC320 2D Accelerator, DSP, Neon.
  • RAM: 2Gb, already confirmed.
  • Display: the LCD is still in discussion currently. It was planned to be sourced from from LG in the first place, and to be a 5 inches Full HD display (response time 20ms, same as the one used for the Google Nexus 5), but it was found to only work properly in portrait mode. A new display is being investigated and the current options for landscape modes are in 720p. Motion Controls are also expected to be included (while not completely confirmed at this stage).
  • Gaming Controls: the new nubs will be using magnets to be more durable than the existing ones. Count on a Dpad, and there will be 4 shoulder buttons (L1, R1, L2, R2) on top of 6 face buttons, and a power button with a RGB LED. By the way, the nubs may also act as push buttons (not confirmed).
  • Battery: expected to be at least the same as the existing Pandora’s (4000 mA), while the battery cover will be redesigned. There are discussions to include a larger battery as well (6000 mA) if space allows, while still retaining compatibility with previous Pandora batteries.
  • Connectivity: Wifi (802.11 a/b/g/n), Bluetooth, optional UMTS/3G module and GPS, mini-HDMI out to connect on standard screens, Full USB port 2.0 (2 of them, one of them can be connected to a eSATA drive via an adapter), MicroUSB port 3 (OTG) and 2 (for charging and debugging purposes), 2 SDXC card slots, and a audio jack port.
  • Case: The case of the Pyra will be made in Europe (Form Action, Greece), should be of better quality than the Pandora one. Early design drafts have been disclosed on April 13th 2014.
  • Keyboard: position will be adjusted vs the Pandora keyboard mat, and it will be back-lighted (adjustable in intensity).
  • OS: will likely be Debian, with a repository for Pyra packages, and a standard Debian repository for standard Debian software. There will still be a PND-like system, to enable swapping cards and applications easily without having to update the whole system.
  • Supply Chain: The Production will be in Germany at the same plant as the current Pandoras, at Global Components.
  • Schematics: All schematics and case design files will be made public after release.
  • Financing: Prototyping is already ongoing and does not need additional funds. Mass production run will need some form of investment (Kickstarter, Loan, etc…).

Previous entries about the Pyra on PandoraLive:

The development blog is opened: and you can find the specs page to know more.

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