Monthly Archives: December 2015

Setting Up UAE4ARM on Pandora with WHDload


BAfelton posted an excellent tutorial on the Pandora boards on how to set up and use UAE4ARM on Pandora. I thought it was great and deserved a full post here as well. You’ll find the exact same instructions below, with some additions from my part as well… and new screenshots, since I replicated all steps to make sure it worked as expected on my side too.

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Monthly Software News Nov. 15th to Dec. 14th 2015


I hope you guys had a good break for Christmas, if you celebrated it, and that you are now looking forward to celebrating New Year very soon. The Pandora is not getting any younger, but there’s still a bunch of software that came our way in November/December, including notable releases such as Diablo II from Notaz, and Wing Commander Saga from PtitSeb. Yup. that’s right.

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