Monthly Archives: October 2015

Pyra: Finally, A Nice and Clean Keymat


For many Pandora users out there, the keymat has always been somewhat of a problem. Some users love it, but many of us find it flawed in different ways: the keys are too hard to press, they reflect too much light, it’s tiring to use over extended period of times… fortunately, the upcoming Pyra is featuring a much improved keymat that should take care of most of the issues that we have faced so far.

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You Can Now Pre-Order a Pyra


I have been a little busy recently, and I am a little late to report a certain number of news – but the great news that came over during the weekend was that the Dragonbox Pyra pre-orders have now started! Of course, as usual, the actual time to delivery is unknown at this stage, but the hardware is sufficiently close to readiness that ED has enough confidence to kick things off.

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