Monthly Archives: July 2013

DGen, Yet Another Megadrive/Genesis Emulator


Last week I found on sourceforge that Dgen, an old Megadrive/Genesis Emulator from the late 90s was actually still alive and kicking after its development was stopped in the early 2000s. In fact the project had been restarted to provide an open-source, multiplatform alternative emulator since there was somehow a gap in terms of offering. I just compiled it for Pandora a couple of days ago, out of interest in performance, and I’d like to share a few observations with you on performance and how to package a command line application like this one.

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Weekly Software News – July 15th to 21st


One could think that summer would slow things down. But it’s not ! We still get many updates and releases on Pandora! I see two trends recently: a lot of OpenGL games ported using the excellent libGL from lunixbochs, and lots of good, serious applications to do real stuff with your Pandora apart from simply gaming. There’s even a new distro available. Summer is great.

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FBReader + Artha: Better eBook experience!


I did a comparison between reading ebooks on the Kindle and on the Pandora a couple of months ago, and one of the key strengths of the Kindle was the integrated dictionary function. A tap on a word, and you get access to the dictionary definition. Unfortunately it was not possible, so far, to do the same on Pandora, but the recent release of Artha changes everything.

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Big Update on the Selected Software Page


You know about the awesome “Selected Software” page on Pandoralive, right? If you don’t, you have been missing one of the best features of this website, namely a carefully chosen list of pretty good software for the Pandora that you can install blind-folded and readily enjoy. The last update was from May, and I just decided yesterday it was time for a big update.

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