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MPS, A New Tool To Stream Music!


MPS is a new tool I have discovered a couple of weeks ago, that one can use to stream (and download) Music from online sources (apparently coming from similar to what you can do with Grooveshark already. The difference is that MPS is a command line tool, and therefore you don’t need to load a heavy browser in memory to actually start playing music with your Pandora. And just for that, it’s a great solution. Plus, it’s extremely simple to use, even if you hate the command line. But it can also do a whole lot more.

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SSH : Maybe The Best Way to Talk to Your Pandora

SSH (Secure Shell) is a well known protocol that allows remote execution of software but it can offer much more and we’re going to see how to use all it can offer. As a side note, in Linux’s world the most commonly used software implementation is OpenSSH ( Enough theoretical stuff, we need action !

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