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Pandora PCSX ReARMed vs Actual PS1 on TV


How good is the PS1 emulation on Pandora? I guess it often boils down to that, since the PS1 game library is so huge. In this post, I will do what nobody has done so far for the Pandora, as far as I know: to compare the same games running on actual PS1 hardware versus them being executed on the Pandora – all of that on an actual TV screen. It will be interesting to see what differences one can spot and if there’s any significant advantage of one of the other solution.

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Kindle PaperWhite vs Pandora: Epic Fight!


Yeah, right now you are probably thinking: “WTF?” It’s certainly not fair to compare a single-function, ebook dedicated device like the Kindle with the Pandora. You may obviously, objectively say that the Kindle is the better device for that purpose. But then again, why not do a fair comparison? I have read whole books on both of these devices, and I certainly have something to say about it.

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On Keyboards… and Mobility.


Gone are the days when all you needed on a mobile device was a numeric keypad and a T9 dictionary.  Text entry on the move is an integral part of the mobile lifestyle these days, and there are a few of us hardcore keyboard fans who don’t feel a touchscreen keyboard provides the required level of precision or feedback. That’s especially true for a mobile computer like the Pandora, and since the Pandora was designed not just as a computer, but as a hacker’s machine, we users put even more demands on the keyboards of our devices. Here I’ll examine a select few solutions to the now age-old problem of typing and (separately) coding on the move.

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Pandora Browsers: Which One is The Best?


There are already tons (well, lots) of browsers available on Pandora. Firefox, LightWeight2, Chromium, Arora, Panda, Jumanji and many others. Yet it is hard to find a good comparison of what they can do, and how fast and responsive they are. You have been waiting for it, so here is the ultimate comparison of the browsers available for Pandora in March 2013.

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