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My Day with the Pandora (rygD)


I first read about the Pandora at a time when I was doing a lot of traveling. I didn’t have a need for a personal laptop, since I had access to some provided by my employer for work related tasks. I was, however lugging around my own, with its additional weight and taking up space. The work related laptops were running Windows, and we weren’t supposed to install unauthorized software, so my personal laptop filled a very cumbersome need for the time when I wasn’t working.

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My Day with The Pandora (Ziz)

I got my Pandora much later than most other active users of the Open Pandora board. So I own it just since two months™. But since then it became a central point of my dayly life and I won’t miss it anymore. I were an active member of the open Pandora board even without the device because of the great community. It made fun to develop stuff for them even without Pandora. Because of this I already knew some use cases of the device, but I was surprised for what different things else the Pandora is useful for.

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My Day with The Pandora (atari_afternoon)

Ekianjo has asked me to write a short text about how I picture my average day as a Pandora-user, -player and -fanatic; starting from a number of list-posts I made on the OpenPandora-board, which were originally nothing more than a normal forum post listing of what I do with the Pandora besides “the obvious”, I do not believe I have to think much since I’m in love with it and the words hopefully will just come naturally now in the following few paragraphs.

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My Day with the Pandora – Revisited (Ekianjo)


It’s been a while since I last wrote about my usage pattern of the Pandora… and the last time I did I was using my Rebirth, since I did not have a 1Ghz at that time. You can read about my previous shared experience for reference. Since then, a number of things have changed and since I have been owning a Pandora for over 2 years now, I wanted to show you how I use my Pandora nowadays, and how it has changed.

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My Day With The Pandora (FZero)


My days with Pandora mainly consist of gaming, a touch of gaming, mixed up with a little more gaming. I know that I’m not making the most of this amazing pocket device, I’m finding new useful, fun, interesting programs all the time and know that my Pandora will continue to provide me more than just gaming. But I do like to play games and nothing does that task quite as well as my Pandora.

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My Day With The Pandora (ShenMue)

It is really a privilege and an honor for me to have the opportunity to contribute to the Pandoralive series of My Day With Pandora. Ekianjo contacted me one day and asked whether I would like to write something for the series. At first, I was hesitant to accept this for I always have had troubles and lack of courage to write articles that are longer than five sentences. This was one of the reasons why I chose engineering in school BTW). Anyhow, Ekianjo was kind enough and said he would offer me help in terms of correcting my grammar/spelling/complete-the-sentence/etc., as long as I have something to write about. So I thought to myself What the heck, if I screwed up, it’s Ekianjo’s fault.

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My Day With The Pandora (TraylorPark)

Rather then starting with how my day began, I want to start with how my day ended. I had just realized that if I turned on the “alpha hack” option in PPSSPP (PSP emulator), I could get Lumines to run at just about full speed. My girlfriend and I spent the last hour of the night on the couch passing the Pandora back and forth as we tried to best each others score.

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My Day With The Pandora (KickAss)


Oh hello there, KickAss here. When i was asked to write an article for, i got all excited about it immediately  I hadn‘t noticed the site was so active and once i read who had written articles already i got even more excited. Now that i read most of Pandoralive and began to understand what an impact it might have I‘m sitting here with wet pants.

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My Day With The Pandora (Lethco)

A lot of the recent “Day with Pandora” articles have focused on areas outside of gaming for the most part, with a bit of gaming here and there. I am the opposite, I got the Pandora primarily for gaming, but also wanted the freedom of a full Linux system if I wanted it. So, here is my typical day with the Pandora. Please note that my system is an original CC unit.

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