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Grooveshark: Listening to Music Online on Pandora

You probably know, especially if you live in the US, that nowadays there are tons of services to listen to Music online (usually for free, at least for simple functions). Grooveshark is one of them. And you know what? It works on Pandora, too. Isn’t that a great way to use the excellent audio capabilities of your beloved machine?

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Ripping your Favorite CDs with Asunder on Pandora

What, are you one of these hipsters who don’t buy CDs anymore and download stuff online instead? Well let me tell you Mister, you are dead wrong. CDs may be an old technology, but that’s still the best audio quality you can get out there, and with the second hand market you can get them pretty cheap. Forget about MP3s, all you need is FLAC and it would be a crying shame to use your fantastic Pandora to play back some crappy compressed format. Now with Asunder you can rip your CDs directly ON your Pandora. That’s progress for you.

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Amiga Retro Music Fun


The Amiga was the best computer of the 80s and early 90s. Period. If you pretend otherwise, it’s probably that you were a bitter Atari ST user or a vengeful PC owner. Until major titles like Wing Commander II or Ultima 7 came out, the Amiga was certainly without competition. And even when the same games were available on all platforms, the Amiga one was often the best, because of its awesome sound capabilities. Now we’ll talk about reliving these memories, once again, with the playback of .mod files.

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Pandora & Audio Quality Benchmarking


As you know, the Pandora was designed by a small group of people initially interested in retro gaming. It also serves as a fully functional Linux-based computer and is completely open, allowing the end user to do anything and everything they want to do with the unit. As it turns out, the person who designed the Pandora’s motherboard is an audiophile, and he put in a powerful dedicated audio section. This review is dedicated to reviewing this unit’s performance as a DAP.

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