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Pyra Pre-Orders Have Started


Last week I met with PtitSeb as I started my holiday back home – during our conversation I was casually asking him what’s been happening with the Pandora lately since I did not really have any time to check news. “Oh, the Pyra pre-orders started”. Wow, already ?  It’s now been more than a week, and here’s a quick update on the whole situation.

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SZ 1.62 is Coming and It Will Break Things


Last week there was a new Super Zaxxon firmware Release Candidate, called 1.62RC. Despite the innocent looking version number, it is updating some important system libraries and this is going to break many of the PNDs you are currently using. I feel it should have been called 1.70 or something, to give a hint to users, but anyway we’ll have to live with it.

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It’s Survey Time !


I have just launched a relatively long survey aimed at taking a snapshot of the community members, and better understand their habits as gamers, what led them to the Pandora, what they think of the Pandora, and what they expect from the Pyra in the near future. It’s already online so you are encourage to participate right now!

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A Recent Presentation about the DragonBox Pyra


Michael Mrozek, also known as Evil Dragon (ED on the board) is the CEO of DragonBox and the current project leader for the upcoming DragonBox Pyra, a new device expected to replace the Open Pandora. He was at the recent RMLL in Montpellier (5-11 July 2014), France and gave a talk about the Pandora and the Pyra. Since it covers many of the latest aspects of the design, it’s a recommended watch if you have not had the chance to follow up on all developments recently.

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