Seventh Sense: The Gamebooks are Back !


I’m not sure how I missed that on the repo, but since there was a recent update, I had some time to check Seventh Sense. This application basically recreates the experience you could get from reading the Lone Wolf gamebooks created by Joe Dever in the 80′s. Gamebooks were heavily inspired by pen and paper RPGs, and did not read like your usual book. After every page or paragraph, you could actually choose your course of action, and jump to a different section of the book describing what happens next. But it went beyond than just that.

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Recommended Software: Page Update


It has been a while since I last updated the Recommended Software Page for the Pandora. If you are not aware what it’s all about, well it’s a list of software that I consider to be of high quality for the platform. A sort of curated list, so that you can refer to it as a newcomer or in case you have been away for a while and want to check if you did not miss anything important.

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C4A Compo Weekly News 12 Nov. 2014


All right, my previous post about the compo status in this November was COMPLETELY wrong, as noted by PtitSeb. I had assumed that the ELW guy who made it to the top of several games was actually the same person. Turns out he’s not and his evil double made me look like a fool ! Here’s a proper ranking based on the actual names instead of 3 letters aliases.

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Weekly Software News Oct. 28th to Nov. 11th 2014


I missed last week’s update again. And guess what, this was the wrong time to do so. Again there was a large flow of updates and releases (a lot of it being done by PtitSeb !). Anything to highlight ?  Well, Sheepshaver, a Power Mac emulator, opens up new possibilities… and a ZDoom update brings up another engine (Zandronum) to ensure more Doom mods can run on the Pandora. But there’s a lot more…

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