Half Life Running on Pandora!


Many folks have tried throughout the years to make Half Life run in one way or another on the Pandora (mostly via Qemu, with limited success since it was too slow). Half Life is just the kind of game that should run just fine on Pandora based on the specs alone, but simply won’t because it’s closed source and therefore not easily portable. Now, a new opportunity just arrived, with a recreation of the Half Life Engine with Xash3D.

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My Day with the Pandora (rygD)


I first read about the Pandora at a time when I was doing a lot of traveling. I didn’t have a need for a personal laptop, since I had access to some provided by my employer for work related tasks. I was, however lugging around my own, with its additional weight and taking up space. The work related laptops were running Windows, and we weren’t supposed to install unauthorized software, so my personal laptop filled a very cumbersome need for the time when I wasn’t working.

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Monthly Software News Feb. 15th to Mar. 14th 2015


Yeah, Mea culpa, I’m very late for the monthly updates but I am going to catch up two months at once. Today you get the period from Mid Feb to Mid March, and within this week I will release the other half, i.e. Mid March to Mid-April. From Feb to Mid March the updates were kind of few, while there was a steady stream of new software release.
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