One of Us is Fighting Against Cancer


This is a guest article written by Milinks, who had previously written the long and in-depth review of Oolite that was published on PandoraLive, and made it to the first page of Hacker News at the time, too. I have come to know that he is fighting with a severe cancer, and while we exchanged a few PMs once in a while i was humbled by his condition. I offered him to share his experience here, as the Pandora was still playing an important role in his life despite the hardships. So, this is story of one of us, fighting against cancer.

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It’s Survey Time !


I have just launched a relatively long survey aimed at taking a snapshot of the community members, and better understand their habits as gamers, what led them to the Pandora, what they think of the Pandora, and what they expect from the Pyra in the near future. It’s already online so you are encourage to participate right now!

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Weekly Software News September 15th to 29th 2014


I have adjusted the timing of this update again, since last week there was not much to talk about. Just yesterday there was a bunch of repo updates, so I thought this second week since the last update was a good time to come back on the recent activity. Note that I have not been super active on PandoraLive recently because I’m working on something I will share with you guys soon…

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